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Sales Training

The Sales Professional

This course has been designed for new sales people, however it is also popular as a refresher for experienced people who have not had the opportunity to learn a structured sell. The course aims to provide a solid foundation of skills and knowledge that the sales person can build upon with practice and experience.

Strategic Sales Planning

The aim of this course is to provide managers with the tools to define and deliver a strategic sales plan for their business. The course covers a wide variety of business skills divided into the following categories:

Developing Customer Dialogue

This workshop is entirely practical. It’s objective is to help Sales People to develop a meaningful dialogue. In doing so, delegates will learn how to quickly establish what the client’s needs are and how to build a profile of their motivators and aspirations.

Objection Handling Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to help sales people to develop their ability to respond positively to resistance from the client whether it is based price, competition or dissatisfaction with the product offering.

Closing Skills Workshop

This workshop focuses entirely upon developing the ability of the sales person to gain commitment from the customer. This commitment may be to a meeting, a proposal or a purchase.

Negotiation Skills

This course is vital in many ways. Too often, sales people work hard to create a desire to buy, only to walk away with a deal that is less than satisfactory.

Sales Meeting Skills

Face to face meetings present sales people with a whole new range of challenges and opportunities. Going out to see a client puts the sales person right into their territory and creates a completely different dynamic to the sales conversation than would be the case in tele-sales.

Work Smart! Time And Territory Management For Sales People

Every salesperson, no matter what industry they are in, can benefit from adapting and developing a smarter approach to the way in which they organise their sales effort.

Writing To Sell

All sales people need to write to their clients to persuade, to summarise or to confirm. However, unlike telephone calls or even face-to-face meetings where the impact of the call is fairly transient, emails and letters tend to be kept for future reference. This means that great written communications will serve as a constant reminder to the client of the quality and value that the sales person and their product offer. However, a badly formed email or letter will do just the opposite.

Key Account Management

This course aims to provide the key account manager with a range of tools to help them gain maximum value from, and to provide the best possible service for, the accounts that they manage.

Negotiating Complex Deals

Negotiation is rather like chess in that the rules are simple to grasp but the game, due to endless combinations and possibilities, can take years to master. In this course we aim to develop a range of skills that will help sales people to deal with more complex negotiations and with more experienced negotiators. They will also learn how to adapt their skills depending upon the time frame in which the negotiations must be completed, and to deal with the challenges of group negotiations and deadlock situations.

Delivering Sales Presentations To Groups

Most senior sales people, at one time or another will be called upon to make a group presentation. In complex sales where support must be gained from multiple decision makers, high value tenders can rest on the performance of a single presentation to a group of buyers.

Developing Customer Focus

Great customer service is at the heart of most, if not all, successful organisations.

Dealing With Challenging Customer Behaviour

All customer-facing staff will, at some time in their career, have to deal with customers who behave in a difficult or challenging manner. These situations can be stressful for the staff members and can damage the service experience for all customers.

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