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Work Smart! Time And Territory Management For Sales People

Work Smart! Time And Territory Management For Sales People - 1 Day

Applicable For: Field sales staff


Every salesperson, no matter what industry they are in, can benefit from adapting and developing a smarter approach to the way in which they organise their sales effort.

This course is, perhaps, the most important course that they will attend. Any salesperson however highly skilled in the art of persuasion, objection handling and closing etc, will ultimately fail if they do not make a sufficient number of contacts, or if they spend their time contacting the wrong people. The principal aim of this course is to help delegates maximise their time and efforts. In short, to improve the ratio of sales returned to effort invested.

Using a five step process, delegates will learn to take control of their client base as if it were their own business, and to be able to identify for themselves use of the time and efforts a process we call “intra-preneurism.”

Key Learning

Becoming an “Intra-preneur”:

Principle 1: Know your Goals

• What makes a worthwhile goal

• How to write your goals

Principle 2: Define your strategy

• Knowing where you business is coming from

• Building a customer pyramid

Principle 3: Decide upon your tactics

• Identifying your key tasks and responsibilities

• Prioritising your efforts

• Managing your territory

Principle 4: Stay Flexible

• Reviewing your progress

• Developing contingency plans

• Managing interruptions and delays

Principle 5: Stick with it

• Staying motivated

• Developing focus and determination

• Summary

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