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Ocean Learning: Training and Development

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train your trainers to increase their value

Satisfy your training

The Professional Trainers Programme is for experienced trainers who want to raise their game, learn new delivery techniques and who seek to increase the value of the in-house training.

Maintain your commitment to developing your staff in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

This government funded organisation needed to train staff on a range of policy matters and regulatory issues.

The subject matter was extremely important but rather dry. The specialist nature of the content meant that external trainers could not be used.

The client wanted the training to be conducted by internal “experts” but wanted the delivery to be dynamic and engaging and above all effective.

Working in partnership with the HR team we developed a train the trainer programme specifically designed to help non trainers design and deliver these specific sessions.

The programme utilised the material in question as a live case study and delegates had the opportunity to write the programmes to structure the sessions and to practice their delivery techniques using the material that they would ultimately train their colleagues in.

  • The trainers all rated the programme as extremely useful.
  • The trainers were able to role out their programme within a month of completing their train the trainer session.
  • The training programme that they delivered was rated as useful or very useful by over 90% attendees.

Additional Information :

Ocean Learning: Training and Development

Every company needs to have the ability to train their staff.

Whether you use dedicated trainers or simply ask experienced staff members and managers to conduct the training, having an in house training resource has many advantages.

In house trainers can respond quickly to learning needs, saving the time and effort of finding an appropriate trainer from outside the company.

In house trainers do not have to spend a great deal of time getting to know the people, the culture and the systems of your organisation.

In house trainers have a superior understanding of the issues facing the organisation and can often deliver more relevant content.

The ability to train in house can also save a great deal of money allowing you to focus your budget on strategically important areas where outside expertise is essential.

However there is a downside to using in house training expertise which is that in house trainers can lack the delivery and expertise of an external trainer. Also the all important preparation for training can often play second fiddle to the day to day business issues resulting in poorly executed training.

Our Trainer Training Programmes are the answer.

New trainers should attend The Trainer the Trainer Programme, This course will provide them with the knowledge and the skill to plan prepare and deliver a training session in house.

The Professional Trainers Programme is for experienced trainers who want to raise their game, learn new delivery techniques and who seek to increase the value of that in house training can offer to the organisation. .

Many clients who attend our Trainer Training Programmes also use our Rapid Learning Solutions service to generate high quality content quickly.

Investing in your training capabilities means that maintain your commitment to training and developing your staff in a cost effective and time efficient manner.

The Professional Trainers Programme

Ocean Learning has developed this programme to help experienced trainers maximize the impact that they have on your business....


Training The Trainer - 3 Days

The course is extremely practical. Over the two days the delegates will develop and deliver a range of sessions that they take with them and apply back in the workplace. Delegates will leave the course confident in their ability to design and deliver high quality and relevant training....