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practice, refine and practice some more

Grab and hold their

A presentation only becomes Pitch Perfect when elements are combined to engage and influence your audience and win their support.

Paul Kenny has spent over 20 years working with individuals and teams helping to perfect their presentation skills.

The MD of this global technology services company was invited to speak to all directors within the wider group at their international conference in New York.

His brief was to share with the audience the secrets of his companies continued success. It was vital to find not only the right content to engage them but also to establish an appropriate tone for the delivery. The aim was to energise and engage the audience without becoming "preachy" or patronising

In order to develop the appropriate presentation Paul Kenny interviewed the MD on three separate occasions to identify amongst the many examples and stories only the most relevant and pertinent lessons and coupling them with evocative stories. Our dedicated design team created a compelling visual presentation to support the narrative.

We practiced, refined and practiced some more.

The MD’s first comment post presentation “we nailed it thanks very much it was worth all the time and effort”

The audience rated the presentation as “excellent” more than 50% said it was the best presentation of the conference.

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Ocean Learning: Training and Development

You have a presentation to Make!

it may be a new business pitch, a keynote speech, a crucial job interview or a training session. 

How do you decide what your goal should be? How do you generate your content, structure your presentation or deliver key messages in an engaging and memorable fashion?

Delivering a really effective presentation can be tough, finding the right mix of message, delivery method and visual support is often a real challenge.

A presentation only becomes “Pitch Perfect” when each of these elements combines to engage and influence your audience in a way that holds their attention and wins their support.

Paul Kenny has spent over 20 years working with individuals and teams to help them perfect their presentation skills. His methods are pragmatic and effective, they have been proven in a wide range of organisations across all types of presentation. Whether you choose to attend a workshop, would prefer to have one to one coaching or need a presentation creating for you Paul has the experience and ability to help.

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