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Developing People

9 Skills To Coaching Success Article

If you are in charge of managing a sales team to reach sales goals, you must ask yourself this critical question: "How effective am I in this role?" A sales coach helps his people mentally by arming them with the skills, knowledge and strategies to help them be successful. A good coach also motivates sales people by coaching to their individual hopes and dreams by holding them accountable, by helping them recover from the nos and by helping them reset after a lost sale. The following are the 9 Skills to Coaching Success. These nine skills will help you bring out the best in your people. #1 Sales Coaching Skill: Effectively Debriefs Sales Calls An effective and proactive coach is in a constant state of debriefing sales people. Whether they are engaged in a phone campaign, returning from an initial appointment with a new client, presenting a solution to a committee or renewing a current relationship, a coach must constantly have real time knowledge about how the sales people ...

Take A Lesson From My Folks: Never Stop Learning

If at first youre afraid to fail, then you wont ever succeed. One of the greatest things my parents did for me was to encourage every one of my ambitions, even if they appeared to be overreaching. They listened to my dreams of being a golf champ or a basketball pro, cheered them on, and then-what really counted-put their money where their mouths were. They made those dreams seem a lot more attainable by giving me lessons in golf and basketball. I dont think my folks gave me those lessons because they shared my fantasies of becoming the next Ben Hogan or George Mikan. They did it so I could find out how to be the best Harvey Mackay possible. From the age of seven or eight, I had lessons, in addition to golf and basketball, in boxing, dancing, swimming, skating, skiing, tennis, baseball, Ping-Pong, and bowling. I also got help from experts in public speaking, piano playing, and writing. And I have no doubt that if I had expressed interest in card tricks, scuba diving, or astr...

The Power Of Belief And Expectation

While you may not always get what you want, you will always get what you expect! Surprisingly, the power of belief and expectation work just as effectively on your feelings of self-doubt and limitation as they do on your thoughts of success and achievement. Think thoughts of defeat or failure and you are bound to be discouraged. Belief is an incredibly powerful state of mind. Your belief system not only defines and shapes who you are, but it also determines your potential. Henry Ford was correct when he said, "Whether you think you can or think you cant - you are right." Your belief system, like your computer, doesnt judge what you input; it simply accepts it as the truth. Earl Nightingale, cofounder of the Nightingale-Conant Corporation, concluded that lifes strangest secret is that you become what you think about all day long. If you want to know where your predominant thoughts lie and what you believe, look at what you are experiencing in your life. Your thoughts are creative ...

Kick Open The Doors

Anyone who does a great job consistently, over and over, kicks open the doors of opportunity in all directions. Such a person will be hired, paid well, promoted, advanced and given additional responsibilities because there are so few of them. Make a Decision Today You can put your life and career into an upward trajectory by making the decision, today, that you are going to become one of the best time managers in your field. And in this session, you will learn how to do it. Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for thats the stuff life is made of." Exploit Your Most Precious Resource Time is your most precious resource. It is all you really have. It is your life. As long as you have lots of time, you can do almost anything. But if your time is cut off for any reason, all of your possibilities are cut off as well. Queen Elizabeth I of England was one of the richest women in the world. She owned half the country. Yet, when she was o...

Develop The Habit Of Going The Extra Mile

There are only two ways to beat the competition; lower your price or increase the quality and quantity of service you provide to your customers. Customers who buy from you because of a low price are not loyal and will jump ship when your competition offers them a lower price. One of the biggest reasons most salespeople fail to succeed is because they view customer service requests as unpaid, administrative burdens rather than golden opportunities. By going the extra mile, you will stand out from the crowd because most salespeople are unwilling to even go the first mile let alone the extra mile. Consumer surveys underscore the fact that customers dont mind paying a higher price for a product if theyre satisfied with the service they receive after the sale. Developing the habit of going the extra mile and rendering service above and beyond your customers expectations is a smart business decision that pays big dividends. Going the extra mile enhances customer loyalty, increases...

Sales Development

Avoiding Office Politics

Over the 20 years that Ive been advising leaders and their teams on how to enhance customer service, Ive found that with proper training, customer contact workers can quickly learn to enjoy dealing with external customers - even those who are stressed. The main people who make their jobs stressful are their internal customers; their co-workers, subordinates, and supervisors. Turns out, the problem isnt usually the job itself - its office politics. If youre not into playing politics, if you dont want to suck-up to supervisors, if you dont want to step on others to climb the ladder, here are a few questions and answers they wont tell you in the company manual. How do I handle a colleague who is bad-mouthing me to the boss without looking like a whiner? You dont. Or you will indeed look like a whiner. If your boss has a problem with you, he or she will bring it to your attention sooner or later. Focus on doing your job well and ignore the other person. If they writ...

Stop Being So Nice!

Customer service tips when people are stressed Lets admit it - when it comes to dealing with customers who are stressed, some jobs are easier than others. A masseuse working in a resort spa will have more pleasant customers than a lost luggage agent at a busy airport. If your customers are sitting in a chair at your hair salon, theyre likely to be more relaxed than if they were sitting in an examination chair in a dental office. Thats why so many customer service training programs fall short of desired results. Over the last decade, frontline training programs have focused on enhancing customer experience. The premise is that we are now in the experience economy. Supposedly, our goal as service providers is to be friendly and upbeat. That way, well apparently make it more than just selling a cup of coffee; now its an experience. Unfortunately, for many organizations this strategy backfires. What if your customers are doing business with you more out of necessi...

Are You A Good Customer?

There are great books on the market about customer service: Raving Fans, Contagious Customer Service and Exceeding Customer Expectations. All good books, however, none address a core issue required for receiving great customer service from vendors and suppliers: be a good customer. This may sound like role reversal, however, companies that practice relationships and partnerships have been practicing these basic principles for years. And as a result, receive stellar service from their vendors. Here are seven ways you can improve your score as a customer. Write a thank you note. Yes, Im talking to you Mr. Customer. Salespeople write thank you notes to customers as a way of building relationships. (And honor the good manners learned from their mothers.) How about you, the customer, thanking the exceptional salesperson for their positive attitude, willingness to go the extra mile and consistency in performance? Appreciation is one of the oldest and best m...

How Would Your Customers Rate Your Service?

Rendering exceptional customer service is both a responsibility and a smart business decision. Unfortunately, far too many salespeople view customer service as an administrative burden that takes them away from making a sale. The truth is, providing quality customer service presents tremendous opportunities for cross-selling, up selling and generating additional referrals. Dick Cavett once said, "Its a rare person who wants to hear what he doesnt want to hear." If your clients were given a customer satisfaction survey, how would they rate the level of service they are receiving from you? Customer feedback consistently points to the fact that the little things make a big difference. Quality customer service is typically defined in terms of attention to detail and responsiveness. Not surprisingly, the top two customer complaints with regards to customer expectations are unreturned phone calls and a failure to keep promises and commitments. Successful salespeople place great value o...

Pick Up The Phone And Connect

In an age when the Internet seems to be taking over, how do we combat our urge to connect with customers via the web? E-mail and Twitter and Facebook are great ways to stay connected to our clients, but so is picking up the phone. While online tools are great at getting us access to potential customers and leads, once we land them we shouldnt only use those tools as a way to communicate. Consumers want to know that we are here for them and that we will listen to them. Stellar interpersonal skills are part of what makes a great salesperson. Since we are so reliant on technology, it is up to the sales teams managers to break people out of their shells. Hold group meetings and encourage people to share how they stay connected to their clients without using the computer. Use these meetings to practice phone conversations and personal interactions. The web is a great way to find customers, but its not the way to keep them. The only way to establish a relation...


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