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Developing People

Coaching An Effective Selling System

An effective selling system is a requisite for success in the world of sales. Follow those who are true leaders in selling, and you will find each has a system that allows them to excel. In order to have a productive sales team, one must consistently teach and coach an Effective Sales System (ESS). If your team does not have an ESS, and you rely on sales people to operate within their own system, you will have a difficult, if not impossible, time affecting individual skills and behaviors. An effective coach must clearly demonstrate what is expected of a sales person. At a minimum, one must be able to communicate how to employ concepts and tactics via stories, analogies and metaphors. Think of the athletic coach--while the coach may not physically demonstrate everything that is expected of an athlete, heshe must be able to communicate what is expected. To effectively coach sales people, you must do the same. You must truly know and understand the selling process and the Effecti...

The Coachs Role On Joint Sales Calls

Normally, when a manager attends a joint sales call, it is at the time of the capabilities presentation or closing presentation. Though attending these meetings can be helpful, they do little to help sales people close more business that late in the process. That is like coaching a baseball team by showing up in the final inning instead of watching the entire game. As sales manager, you may know the outcome based on the data, but you will not know how the game developed. Knowing how the sale develops is essential to effective coaching. This is why observing sales people in action is so important. Here are 4 steps to help you and your sales people have more effective joint calls. A Quality Phone Call- Remember, the quality of the phone call will determine the quality of the appointment. Your sales person must follow the 8-Step Phone Process to make sure that the joint call is taking place with a qualified prospect versus a practice call. 2. Conduct a Pre-Call Session. In...

Creating A Coaching Culture

Coaching is NOT managing. This is often the biggest misconception we have with clients. They assume weekly staff meetings or one on one appointments with employees can be classified as coaching. Staff meetings involve managing, and managing and coaching are two very different ideas. A true coach drives performance for individual employees as well as employee teams, while a manager is often content with sustaining the status quo. Coaching can be further described as the ability of the leader to inspire and motivate employees to improve knowledge, increase skill levels, and alter behavior to be more positive. In order to create a coaching culture it must be understood that coaching is about driving performance and should not be mistaken with traditional management techniques. There is certainly some gray area between management and coaching, and when each type of leadership is needed. Here is a rough example, if an employee is continuously late for work, reprimanding them is proba...

Building A High Performance Sales Team

A great salesperson does not equal a great sales manager. It seems natural for the best performing salespeople to become promoted to positions of sales managers. However, many sales managers struggle in that role because they lack the knowledge, skills, andor abilities to fully support their sales teams as they should. What made my former sales manager such a good one was that he knew how to MANAGE me. Focusing less on sales techniques and more on accountability, goal-setting, and time-management techniques. Those fundamentals are just as relevant today, in my work with Directors and sales managers within SMEs and MNCs. Heres a step-bystep process for building a high performance sales team by implementing the following five strategies: Becoming a sales coach Your sales team is looking to you for guidance, direction, and yes, coaching. There is one thing you absolutely must do to become a great sales coach for your team. Become a visionary. What is your vision for the depar...

Selling And The Dark Side Of Goal Setting

What drives you ahead or holds you back is in your subconscious mind. Make sure goals are high enough and set guidelines for your subconscious mind to accept your goals. Be sure goals are realistic and raise them as you find success. However overstretched goals often compromise efforts. If your subconscious mind figures out you cannot accomplish something, its likely to move on to new ideas. To get motivated is one thing but to stay motivated long-term is a different issue. Lofty goals can take additional time, extra effort, and strong persistence than simple accomplishments. Effective goal setting is mind-mapping success. Goals shouldnt trap you into unfilled commitments and potential failure. The Dark Side Of Goal Setting We set our goals for personal reasons. Companies set goals for their reasons. Setting sales goals has collective reasons. However, when sales goals are arbitrarily set without regard to realistic objectives, salespeople who fall short of goals ma...

Sales Development

Do You Confront The Brutal Facts?

One of my favorite business books is Jim Collins classic "Good to Great." In chapter four he shares how a great company "confronts the brutal facts of reality head on" as opposed to the average organization that firmly plants its "head in the sand." As sales professionals we face brutal facts that conflict with our view of the world every day. The world around us is constantly evolving and shifting the requirements of our role. Some of this change is neither welcome nor easy to deal with. Nevertheless great sales people confront the brutal facts and create strategies and make decisions in response to current reality. Others waste valuable time trying to hold onto the way things were or searching for that elusive silver bullet that promises to make everything right again. So ... which are you? Are you David standing up to Goliath fully aware of the challenge? Or are you Big Bird neck-deep in sand? To help you ponder the question I thought Id share my top 3 brutal facts of realit...

Why You Shouldnt Always Get Excited About A Linkedin Endorsement

If youre active on LinkedIn (and what sales professional isnt at this point), youve probably received a few endorsements from friends, peers, and colleagues by now. Maybe those folks have vouched for your lead generation and account management skills. Or maybe theyve proudly declared that you know your stuff when it comes to new business development or sales prospecting. And thats great. Unless, of course, you dont have those skills, or you dont really know the people who are issuing those endorsements. For instance, what if someone endorses your social media marketing skills, yet you actually possess very little knowledge about social media beyond how to login to your Facebook account? Or what if someone endorses you for B2B selling, but ...

How Believing In Your Products Impacts Sales Success

Recently, someone said something to me that stopped me in my tracks. "A good salesperson doesnt have to believe in their products," this person said. "They just have to believe in themselves." Come again? So, in other words, salespeople dont need to be passionate about the products or services they represent in order to be successful? And all of this talk lately about developing an understanding of prospects needs and pain points is useless? Youre saying that all it takes to be successful - outside of actually having a decent product to sell, of course - is a healthy dose of confidence and self-assuredness? Wow. If only sales was that easy. Im sorry, but I just dont believe that sales success is only about having confidence in your ability to ...

5 Steps To Keep Control Of The Sale

Buying or leasing a car is an emotional decision. At least for me it is and listening to most of my friends it feels like its similar for them. Yes, you are buying a product but you are also making a decision as part of an experience. Not only the driving experience, but the way you feel in the car, the way people perceive you in that car, how practical it is and the list goes on. So, when I walked into a Toyota dealership the other week looking at some models that could compare to the VW Jetta that I was currently driving, I was almost "sold" on the idea that the RAV4 could make sense to me. I was over on my mileage allowance with my Jetta and the new model doesnt come with a built-in navigation system. My husband had gone to the dealership the day before to see if we could get a good deal trading in our Jetta and I felt that it was a good idea to make that move. Everything made sense and I was prepared to give up my European car, which is a "biggie" to me, to save some money and...

Buy Or Build? How Your Customers Decide

Original Author: Matt Sharrers You are an experienced sales leader. It is Monday morning and you are on a forecast call. You know a few big deals determine if you make the number. You ask for the update on the Acme deal. Neither the Sales Manager nor rep speaks. The line goes quiet. You repeat your request. And then you hear: "The customer thinks they can do it themselves". You mute the line. You swear. And then you realize this is reality. A common hurdle you face is overconfident customers. They think they can solve their problem on their own. The customer asks "Can we do it ourselves?" The Buy vs. Build Guide will help your team. The guide will enable your customer to quantify the choices and answer this question. Four benefi...


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