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get real about training and development

so what do
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A first class service, our commitment and a guarantee that we can improve performance through practical training.

Tackling real issues, Paul Kenny combines them with engaging learning techniques, so you see real returns, and at the same time see your team enjoying the learning process.

Our client a small UK based software company, a classic entrepreneur, was struggling to convert interest generated from internet marketing into sales.

They had no dedicated sales resource and were not yet in a position to hire one. They admitted that in spite of agreement amongst staff to make sales calls most people failed to make their agreed quota of calls. Most cited lack of motivation for the task and lack of confidence in making a “cold call”

All members of the company with sales responsibility attended  The Essentials of Selling Programme Followed by some one to one coaching aimed at overcoming “Phone Fear”.

Much of the focus of the coaching was to challenge obstructive and limiting thoughts about sales people and selling. Delegates learned that they could sell, that there is a difference between being professional and pushy and that done well selling can be fun and highly instructive (there is no better way to get real client feedback)

  • Effective sales calls increased by 80%
  • Appointments increased by 50%
  • Sales increased 20% in the first three months after training

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Get real about training!

so what do you need?...

Do you need a training company that you can rely on to bring you the results you need?

Does your training partner need to be flexible and able to prove their value at every stage?

Are you looking for new and better ways to keep develop your staff to meet the needs of an ever more demanding and complex business environment?

Modern business moves forward at an amazing pace and neither you nor your staff has time to waste on homogenised training courses especially if they bore staff and drain budgets.

However no one can ignore the development needs of staff, everyone has the potential to improve, and become more effective through new and better ways of doing business and after all…every business needs talent to thrive.

Paul Kenny the founder of Ocean Learning has spent over 20 years devising creative, inspiring learning solutions that deal with real business issues and produce real results.

so we guess the question is...

If all trainers claim to be inspiring and effective. Why is Paul Kenny and Ocean Learning any different?

If you speak to Paul (and we hope that you will) you will find a pragmatic and effective leader who believes passionately that learning is at the heart of any business success. Paul has grown many successful businesses of his own in the UK and Europe before spending years developing other peoples through his coaching, training and consultancy services. His kicks come from knowing what he does works and helping people to improve their business through personal development.

Taking real issues Paul combines them with engaging learning techniques, proven over many years, so you see real returns, and your team will enjoy the learning process.

So if you have a crucial presentation looming, a knotty sales issue to overcome or some tough business decisions ahead take a look at our Pitch Perfect and Moving Minds programmes.

Alternatively perhaps your team needs to be more creative in their response to customer demands or problems that they face Constant Innovation will provide the solution you need.

Perhaps you would like to bring more training in house but your internal training team labour over the design of courses and need a little assistance. Rapid Learning Solutions will engage and inspire internal trainers whilst providing practical training.

Do your managers need to develop their leadership skills to meet the challenges of the future? If so have a look at the Leading Minds ProgrammePlease explore the range of proven learning solutions on this website. After all that’s why we built it!

The information on this site will give you insight into what Paul offers his clients. We could bombard you with even more information, but we know that your goals and requirements will differ from the next persons. All Paul’s solutions are based around what you and your business needs, so if you want to know how these courses can be developed to meet your specific goals contact him.

Your business is personal and so is Pauls service!

The wisest mind has something yet to learn and seeks help on how to use its knowledge