An old boss of mine used to cover these seven sales habits, (long before I had heard of Stephen Covey) in almost every sales meeting, staff appraisal and well, every opportunity she could!
Whenever I work with a salesperson who is struggling to find their form or confidence I refer back to the list.

Success in sales should never be too complicated!

Be your own boss

Don’t let others dictate your actions. Set your own daily targets, avoid negative peer pressure. Don’t worry about how other sales people see you, follow your own plan and set your own standards.

Look after your physical well being

Sales success demands energy and energy comes from a healthy well balanced approach to life.

Stay fit, eat well and enjoy the life you have.

Focus on the customer not the order

Everyone likes to buy, few like to feel they have been sold to. Avoid the quick fixes and the “sure fire techniques” sales is simple, concentrate on really understanding the need and really finding a solution.

Convince yourself first

People can spot a script or a clever line at a hundred paces. The only way to be convincing is to convince your self of the products’ value. If you can’t, move jobs. (You will always be happier and more successful selling something you believe in).

Remember no product is perfect or necessarily the best available we simply have to believe that it is an appropriate and effective solution to someones need.

Work hard / work smart

The best sales people are willing to work hard, take risks and challenge themselves. If you are not prepared to give of your best while you are in the field, find another career.

Always focus your efforts on the most productive tasks and the most valuable opportunities.

Be ethical at all times

In the long term, sharp practice comes back to haunt all who indulge in the blacker arts of hard selling.

Glengarry Glenross was a piece of fiction not a sales training video!

Always seek to do the right thing by your client and your conscience.

Remember it’s a game

The best people get this, the others just get frustrated!